Saturday, May 23, 2015

Introduction: NeoGeo Arcade Powered by AMD

NeoGeo Max 330 Mega Pro-Gear Spec.....

    If your familiar with the heading above. Then you most likely played on a SNK NeoGeo arcade cabinet or home console. It's fancy talk for saying the max cartridge size could hold up to 330 Mbits of data. This was eventually increased to around 800 Mb later, in which those games say "Giga Power" instead. This was early 90's video game company SNK's (Now know as SNK Playmore) new home and arcade console for the time. It was cutting edge and light years beyond everything during its generation. The NeoGeo was a very powerful 16bit  system, that some argue was 24bit due to there being one main 16bit CPU and a 8 bit audio CPU. Hence 16+8=24... However you looked at it didn't mater, cause at the end of the day all that mattered was it kicked ass! It featured a lot of action games and what SNK eventually became know for.... Awesome fighting games! Titles like Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, and The King of Fighters were some of the best of the genre. Action games Like the Metal Slug series were also very popular and helped keep the system going for 14 strong years! SNK released the NeoGeo as a home console and arcade cabinet called the MVS.


NeoGeo Home Console


    MVS or Multi Video System meant the arcade cabinet had a motherboard that could have multiple games loaded at once. All the Player had to do was hit a button and they could select between 2,4, and 6 different titles depending on the cabinet. There were also single slot cabinets that were just called NeoGeo System. The home console featured the exact same hardware as the arcade but was extremely expensive which lead to its ultimate failure. It had and still has a huge cult following to this day!


2 Slot MVS cabinet
2 slot MVS Motherboard

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Needless to say, the NeoGeo was my favorite arcade hardware of the early 90's. I remember riding my bike up to the party store after school to get a few rounds of Samurai Shodown in. I later got a chance to play other games and eventually owned a home console long after it had been released. So when I decided to build a arcade cabinet it was a no brainier to go with it for a theme. This is not the first arcade cabinet I have constructed. I have actually made 3 before this. First one was from a old arcade cabinet I got off Craig's List. It was a standard CRT based and I put in a X Arcade Tank Stick that I modified.

My First Home made arcade cabinet
 The next one I created was in the style of a sit down, Japanese arcade machine. It was very loosely based off a Taito Viewlix arcade cabinet. This time around I built the entire cabinet from the ground up. It had a water cooled pc inside and featured a console bay where I had a Xbox 360. This beast also had working coin slots!

Japanese sit down cabinet
My third cabinet was also in the style of a sit down cab, but had the monitor rotated 90 degrees. This was for the games in the arcade that had this monitor setup. Early games like Pac-Man use this as well as many in the Shoot Em Up genre. This was also built from the ground up.


Vertical arcade cabinet

So that brings us to now and the start of my newest machine. A full size traditional American style stand up cabinet. It will be fully themed after a real NeoGeo MVS cabinet with similar artwork. Featuring a pre built cabinet from Rec Room Masters. The Xtension XL to be more precise. And will feature a custom control panel built by me. Along with all the fancy modifications I will do to the pre made cabinet. So Stayed tuned and I will begin posting pics and info on the progress of the build. A build log of sorts but not a complete step by step guide. Coming very soon!